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How the Pro Clean & Polish System works

How the pro clean & polish system works

The Pro Clean & Polish System is a two-step process to help remove plaque and lift stains.

The heads have the same design and construction as heads available to dental professionals for use in their surgeries.

Use the Dental Cleaning Head to achieve precise and effective cleaning along the gum line and on interdental tooth surfaces.

Follow with the Dental Polishing Head to remove stubborn plaque and stains to visibly clean, polish and whiten teeth with only one use.*

Both heads should be used with the Rapid White Dental Polishing Paste (provided).

This Dental Polishing Paste has been specially designed using a gentle and effective silica abrasive system, which respects the tooth enamel.

Using the Pro Clean & Polish System with the specially designed paste can help to lift stains and remove 68% more stubborn plaque than an electric toothbrush alone*.

The system is the perfect supplement to your weekly oral care regime and can be used once or twice a week to maintain results.

* Laboratory Studies, Extrinsic stain removal, 2015.